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Let’s Meet Live! Live Video Counseling is the key tool used when working with you in therapy.


Text Messaging is therapeutic. It’s so convenient to be able to communicate on the fly through text messaging.


Dial In for Telephone Counseling Telephone counseling is a useful addition to your live video sessions, when needed.


Mental Health Care Must Include Collaborative Care We mistake mental health as being something separate from our body.

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Elana Dunn Online Counseling Therapy




Life can bring challenges that at times feel like just like too much to sort through or overcome on your own.  It brings great fulfillment to me to be a part of helping you to move beyond pain – beyond overwhelming stress – beyond not knowing – beyond feeling confused.

Over the past 22 years, my devotion has never wavered. Helping you to gain peace, direction, feeling whole, safe and secure, and a gaining a life anew fuels my professional intentions. My late grandmother told me, “leave the world better than how you found,” and with each person I serve, that is my quest.

As I work with individual clients, I’ve learned that each person is wonderfully unique, and…                                                    


Voices of Testament

Keely Foster, MS, MBA, LPC, CPCS
CEO, Mental Health Comprehensive Services
Elana Doesn't Stop Digging Until She figures It Out...

Elana is extremely compassionate. Even as her former supervisor, I’ve learned from Elana to go past what we see on the surface; to go much deeper. And she doesn’t stop digging until she has figured out exactly what the MORE from Keely

Dr. Terrilyn Rivers-Cannon, MSW, EdD
President - Georgia Association of School Social Workers
Her Transparent Personality Allows Clients To Feel And Know That She Genuinely Cares About Them...

Elana’s work is phenomenal. She treats therapy as a partnership between her and the client, not a directorship. She is personable which makes clients very comfortable MORE from Dr. Cannon

Annika Russaw, MS, NCC, LPC, CAMS
CEO, Progressive Care Associates
Elana Gives Me Sound Clinical Advice To Help Me Break-Through With DIfficult Clients...

I consider Elana my mentor, and she has been for quite some time. I tell everyone that she is my ‘go-to’ clinician. She is one of the absolute smartest people in the mental health community, which is why I trust her to assist me when I need clinical MORE from Annika

Dr. Taunya Lowe, PhD
The Riot Starter / The Resurgent Group
She Has A Powerful Way of Assisting People With Lasting Life Transformation

Elana Dunn has a powerful way of assisting people with lasting life transformation and self-fulfillment. My clients have shared that they find her very easy to share with and talk to. They love her genuineness and transparency. I refer people to Elana because I MORE from Dr. Lowe

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