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Individuals | 18+

Virtual Psychotherapy



Anxiety is not just "stress." Anxiety can be very debilitating.  It not only causes excessive worry, sleep disruption, anxiety also causes gastrointestinal problems -- nausea, diarrhea, heart palpitations, chest pain, and more. Anxiety can be controlling your entire life.


Depression can cause changes in motivation, your energy level, ability to take care of your hygiene, and more. When you have low energy and decreased motivation, it affects your work, relationships, finances, and those around you notice the change in you. 


You may have recently divorced and are learning to live a whole new life, or you've moved to a new city away from your family and long-time friends. Life changes can bring feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, and confusion. Sorting through "what to do" is be 'doable' with support. 


Career stress can happen due to staff changes at work, dealing with microaggressions at work, taking on a new role, or lots of additional responsibilities -- managing it all is A LOT. You may also want to change careers due to being unsettled or unhappy. 

RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGES *individual counseling

As an individual, dealing with a complicated relationship can be done outside of couples therapy. Are you sorting through possibly ending a relationship or have realized that you yourself could improve communication with your partner....or your friends. Gain insight and direction about 'what to do.'


Working two jobs while also raising three kids! You are aware that it's a lot, but you're struggling with how to change it. For you, work may have taken over your entire life, and now you feel the burnout.  Having help can assist you in gaining a sense of balance with your work-life.

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