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Keely Foster


"Elana is extremely compassionate. I’ve learned from Elana to go past what we see on the surface; to go deeper. And she doesn’t stop digging until she has figured out exactly what the [h-e-double hockey sticks] is going on with a complicated client.


She refuses to settle for ‘that’ll have to do’ - and says ‘no’ to colleagues who won't stop at surface-level care.. Elana wants the person to get to the point of functioning at the highest possible level. She can see things in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other therapist. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a skill a therapist can learn.


She uses intuition in a clinical matter, like a cold case investigator. She won’t stop until it’s solved. I’ve seen people who were some of the sickest mentally, and after working with Elana, they have turned around to the point that you wouldn’t even recognize them. They are like a completely new person that has been revived back to life."

Annika Russaw


"I consider Elana my mentor, and she has been for quite some time. I tell everyone that she is my ‘go-to’ clinician. She is one of the absolute smartest people in the mental health community, which is why I trust her to assist me when I need clinical consultative help.


Being a psychotherapist myself, when I am faced with a difficult client, I can contact Elana for sound clinical advice on what to do to make a breakthrough with the client. She walks me through the steps to take, and always knows exactly what is needed. And it works!"

Dr. Terrylin


"Elana’s work is phenomenal. She treats therapy as a partnership between her and the client, not a directorship. She is personable which makes clients very comfortable when working with her. It makes the clients more willing to share their most deep and intimate dynamics about what they are dealing with.


I admire how the clients I refer just always express her warmth, openness, and ‘realness.’ Her transparent personality allows them to feel and know that she genuinely cares about them. Clients have expressed that they get so much from her heartfelt energy she puts out in wanting to see them grow."


Dr. Taunya Lowe


"Elana Dunn has a powerful way of assisting people with lasting life transformation and self-fulfillment. My clients have shared that they find her very easy to share with and talk to. They love her genuine and transparency.


I refer people to Elana because I trust her with the care of my own clients when I recognize that they are in need of clinical therapeutic care in addition to life coaching. Therapy is her ‘thing!’ Elana’s clinical skills are like no other."


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