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Hey there,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how I may be able to help you. Call me "Elana" please. Through experience, I have been able to help individuals overcome the overwhelm of being neurodivergent and trying to 'fit' into a neurotypical world, understanding what being neurodivergent looks like and means for YOU,  "life" stressors, anxiety, depression, relationship patterns and move forward to a MUCH better "place" in life. My style is very natural, conversational, engaging, attentive, and warm (according to what past clients have said). I combine several techniques to create a very solution-based approach. Using my counseling style, and experience, I want to get you to the point of thriving (not just surviving).

I started working in the mental health field in 1997. Since that time, I have held various roles as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, manager, and agency director. Decades in at this point, and I still love being a part of people changing their lives for the better.

Clients over the years have described me as "you keep it real," warm, honest, trustworthy, genuine, transparent, humorous, a teacher, and able to quickly move them forward. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt. I look forward to working alongside you as you change and grow. I’ve learned that the real change happens in between each session, so I enjoy teaching skills and strategies for you to practice; building upon your successes to reach your goal.

As I work with individuals, each person is wonderfully unique and requires your own unique approach. So, I don’t box anyone into a specific approach. – you are unique Working from the frameworks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Solution-Focused Therapy, I create a therapeutic approach that is right for YOU. I am person-centered.

I look forward to working with you.



Elana is extremely

“compassionate. I’ve learned from Elana to past what we see on the surface; to go deeper. And she doesn’t stop digging until she has figured out exactly what the [h-e-double hockey sticks] is going on with a complicated client. She refuses to....    READ MORE

I consider Elana

“my mentor, and she has been for quite some time. I tell everyone that she is my ‘go-to’ clinician. She is one of the absolute smartest people in the mental health community, which is why I trust her to assist me when I need....              READ MORE

Elana’s work is

“phenomenal. She treats therapy as a partnership between her and the client, not a directorship. She is personable which makes clients very comfortable when working with her. It makes the clients more willing to....       READ MORE

Elana Dunn has

“a powerful way of assisting people with lasting life transformation and self-fulfillment. My clients have shared that they find her very easy to share with and talk to. They love her genuineness and her....  transpare....    READ MORE
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