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Hey there and Welcome,

     Thank you for subscribing. As I sit here writing this message to you, I am thinking about it being one of many that I am looking forward to sharing. Each day things occur that get me to thinking about how often so many of the experiences I have, experiences you have, apply to so many. we are not alone in our journey through life. In good times, in bad times, there are always others who can relate to what we are going through. I believe that the experiences I have had help me to empathize with your experiences and connect with clients during the counseling process.

     I’m not just talking about major events, in fact major events are the least of what I an referring to. It’s those everyday situations that pile up upon us, that lead to a myriad of feelings. Joy, elation, butterflies, pleasure, sadness, despair, anger or pain. for example, something as simple as every time I see a rainbow at the end of a long rain, it fills my heart with hope. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure of ‘hope for what.’ But I do know that, when I see a rainbow after a storm, I feel hopeful. I start thinking of how I look forward to the day my first grandchild will arrive. I think of what matters most in life, and those things comes to the forefront of my mind. I feel renewed and hopeful that my business will thrive even when it gets tough. Feeling hopeful brings about hopeful thoughts. 

     Then there is something on television that get’s you (which is why I never watch television unless there is news about a national event). I may watch TV once every few months. Seriously. But, the internet has replaced that. There is so much good to take in, but the bad is also loading onto the page. A California Camp wildfire that has taken 51 lives, and is still burning—-I take it all in and feel for everyone effected. I think of how people’s lives are now changed forever and the ways in which their lives will be changed. A lot of people experience this. I am not the only one. You are not the only one. But, we experience it differently. There are those of us who experience it deeper than others. While some feel sad and are able to keep carrying on without it constantly being on their mind. No experience is better or worse—just different.

     Another example, for me, is the loss of my grandmother in 2012. Losing her changed me completely. I have not been the same since. At first I thought that it was a change for the worse, but realized that it was an overwhelmingly wonderful change for the better. I’ll tell you more about it in my next personal message to you. Talk to you soon.

with Therapeutic Sincerity,

Elana Dunn, LPC, CPCS


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