Text Messaging Therapy - Online CounselingTEXT MESSAGING IS THERAPEUTIC

It’s so convenient to be able to communicate on the fly through text messaging. No need for a phone call when whatever you need to say is short and to the point. Additionally, like we often do with friends, an entire conversation can be held via text messaging to get you through a really boring meeting (we’ve all done it 🙂 ). Those texting conversations are now very real and have become very natural in how we communicate. So, it only makes perfect sense to integrate messaging into your counseling process — and it is effective!



Private & Secure Text Messaging

Through our HIPAA secure messaging platform, you can communicate with me via secure texting. This is usually for quick administrative needs or scheduling a session to block off time to for a telephone or synchronous text-messaging session. It is used as a supplement to your primary live-video sessions, you can schedule a synchronous messaging session to text back-and-forth in real-time. This is a great tool when you know you will not be in a private location but ”I still need my therapy today!


LIVE Synchronous Messaging As Therapy

Once you have completed your first initial session, and become an established client, you will be able to schedule synchronous messaging sessions when you need therapy but aren’t able to be on live-video. What a relief!