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Telephone counseling is a useful addition to your regularly scheduled live-video sessions when needed. Counseling over the telephone is especially helpful if you’re in a space which network connection for a live-video session is poor, or not available. You might be visiting with relatives or on vacation, but don’t want to miss your weekly therapy time. Telephone sessions are a great mix within your plan of care, Live-video is always ideal, however, being able to hear each other is also a very telling tool to assess how you sound and how you’re thinking that day.


Calls Are Secure & Convenient

Using our HIPAA complaint phone system, I am available for short telephone counseling sessions in between your regular live-video sessions. It’s a reassuring tool when you are ‘going through’ something in the middle of the week that you need to therapeutically process.


Let’s Talk

As an established client, you’ll see the option to schedule a telephone session within the “APPOINTMENTS” area of your secure client portal. Telephone time is there to fill in the gaps when needed.