You Have Friends, and You Have A SOUL Friend. Who Is Your Soul Friend?

Soul Friends - Online CounselingOur Soul Friends.


We have our birth family, determined by those who brought you into this world, and our we have our chosen family. Oft times, our chosen family are those who are most likely to be there with us through thick and thin. They are our soul friends. Why? Because we choose them. The relationship was not forced upon us by birthright or commitment of spirituality. Our chosen family tend to be people who give us something we needed. They fulfill us in a way our family just may not be able to.

I recently learned this term from a client as we were talking during a live-video online counseling session. We were addressing understanding, what I called at the time, ‘true friendships’ with those who know who we really are in our soul. Friends who can tell when something is wrong even when we don’t say it and care to know what’s going on so that they can help fix it. Those who have cared to know who we are at the core, and embrace it with care, love, respect, and commitment.

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Recognizing Your Soul Friend

How do you know that someone is your soul friend? Well, first of all, you can feel it. For me, it’s being able to tell me soul friend absolutely anything. She knows things about me that no one else in the world knows, I mean all the goods, and I know (trust her wholeheartedly) she’ll take it to her grave. Additionally, you feel it because:

That person has your back when others try to hurt you, or tear you down mentally, emotionally, or physically. Your soul friend will stand up for you.

Your soul friend will not abandon you. Especially during a time of need, they are right there.

They accept you just as you are. They may encourage you to become the best ‘you,’ when they see you hurting. Yet, they see the beauty in you being exactly who you are. They could care less about what others think of you because they love the authentic you.

Your soul friend is always honest with you. They never try to deceive you, and want you to know them for exactly who they are, and need the same from you.

They always want what is best for you. Your soul friend will give you their honest opinion, while also allowing you to figure your way through. They help steer you in your desired direction. They cheer for you genuinely from their heart, and also hold you accountable. Because your success feels like a success for both of you.


Who Is Your Soul Friend?

We all have people we call “friends.” It’s sort of a lay term for a person we’ve come to know. Not necessarily a person we know deeply well. Being a soul friend is not something you can spread around. It comes with the giving up of emotional energy, time, commitment, and true love.

Yes, you have friends, maybe even lots of them. But think for just a moment—-who are your soul friends?





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