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The FREE 20-minute consultation is conducted via Live-Video. Once you select and schedule your appointment, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation. Once you receive your confirmation, you’ll receive instructions for how to be fully prepared for your live-video session, and you’ll receive three forms to complete online. The forms will need to be completed at least 24 hours before the start of your session to allow time for me to review. A review of the information is necessary for me to be fully prepared for our session, because your time is valuable.       LEARN MORE»

Af the conclusion of the consultation session, you will receive information about moving forward into online counseling — and begin the process towards feeling and functioning better. 



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Schedule your regular Live-Video session appointments, up to 6-months in advance, to lock them into your scheduled routine. Also, go to your portal to request text-chat or telephone session when you need the additional support,  in between your regularly scheduled live-video online counseling sessions with me. It’s very simple. The portal is mobile-friendly, so you can schedule your appointments on-the-go.