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Can change our thinking.
Help us to overcome.
Inspire us. 


LISTEN to my message about why I enjoy posting Quotes for you. —Elana

Quotes Can Compel You To Change

Our minds are open to messages that resonate with our values, personality traits, challenges we may be facing at the time, and our current mood. A well-written message, said in just the ‘right’ way, tend to appeal to our natural yearnings. The short messages appeal to us in a meaningful and powerful way. They can change our thinking and help us to ‘view’ situations differently. We can be enlightened into seeing something in ourselves that we want to overcome or change.  You can probably think of words said by someone close to you that you, yourself, say, that has been passed on to your own loved one’s.

Gwen Moran explains
• The Coaching Factor
• The Power of Language
• The Primal Aspect
of why Quotes work. They are more than just catchy and motivational phrases. There is cognitive science behind the effect of these messages. A quote can help you change.


You probably have a favorite quote to two. Hang them up around your house in places where you can see them all the time. Good spots are ya wall in your kitchen, on your bathroom mirror, or a facing bedroom wall. You’ll notice the effect that seeing the phrases all the time has on you. It’s sort of natural cognitive reprogramming; putting new, more helpful messages in your head. When you want to change your thinking, this is a good method to start with. A quote can help you change.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, you change your life. —Brian Tracy