Online Counseling for Relationship ChallengesFeeling Stressed About Your Relationship?

Through live-video *individual counseling, you can work through relationship conflict, partnership separation or divorce, codependency tendencies, struggles with adult children, strained friendships, and more. We will work together to help you sort things out.

*Couples counseling not provided


Relationship Counseling

Through individual counseling, you can explore, clarify, and gain enlightenment about a struggling relationship. You can work to move forward after a relationship has ended. Individual counseling is helpful in overcoming relationship challenges when:

You’ve have realized that you may need to work on YOU

Your partner is not ready to participate in counseling

Infidelity has you confused about what to do

The love just seems to be gone

You’ve lost your sense of ‘self’ since being in the relationship

Everyone is telling you the relationship is not good for you (…they could be right OR wrong)

You feel like your giving more than you are receiving in return

You can explore problems with new insight and perspective. Even when your partner does not want to participate in counseling, you can learn new ways to communicate and to recognize and resolve conflict.  In the case of how to better relate with adult children or a valued friendship, individual counseling can also be the best route.


What If I Need Couples’ Counseling?

During individual counseling, if it is determined that your partner wants to participate you, we will work together to find a couples’ counselor in your area. Additionally, It can often be appropriate for you to participate in individual counseling while you and your partner are in couples’ counseling. We’ll work together to decide what’s best for you.


Be able to let go of “baggage” that is keeping you from moving forward to a place of peace, or on to a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Ready to work through your relationship challenges? Schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation.