Online Counseling for Mild Bipolar DisorderBipolar Mood Changes

A person may be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when experiencing occasional episodes of long-lasting, noticeable, changes in mood. Bipolar Disorder not only affects a person’s mood, but also a person’s thoughts and actions/behaviors. 


Online Counseling for Bipolar Disorder

Online counseling with TherapyStudio.Live is not suitable for all people with symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Some types of bipolar disorder present with moderate or severe symptoms, and are better treated with face-to-face care. People with mild symptoms can receive care through online counseling. During your initial session (not the 20-minute FREE consultation) you will answer questions that help to determine the level of severity for all types of mental health symptoms. If your symptoms are moderate or severe, you will be assisted in finding a counselor you can meet with face-to-face in your area. Also, if in the beginning of your care, your symptoms seem to be mild, but are later found to be moderate or severe, this will be discussed with you, and you will be transitioned to care with a face-to-face provider.


Bipolar Disorder Episodes

The symptoms of a Bipolar episode last a least seven days and can persist for several months before a person goes back to a “normal” state. You may be at a normal state for a long period of time, even several years, before another episode occurs.

Some of symptoms that present during a Bipolar episode are:

  • Feelings of elation/exhilaration
  • Less need for sleep, or a need for more sleep
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Feeling more energetic; maybe more talkative
  • Crying spells
  • Extreme fatigue
  • A loss of interest in things you enjoy doing during the times you feelnormal.”


Let’s Determine if Online Counseling Is Right For You

Mild Bipolar Disorder can adversely affect your life. Through therapy, we will work together to help you be your best even during the process of a mild bipolar episode. Do you think you have Bipolar Disorder and want help better managing your changes in mood? Schedule your 20-minute FREE consultation – Let’s talk.