Online Counseling for AnxietyIS IT ANXIETY?

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder, and can effect anyone at any phase of their life.



Symptoms of anxiety are caused by your body’s natural response to stress. Your need to protect or defend. Also known as the “fight or flight” response. Circumstances, both seen and unseen, can lead us to feeling nervous, fearful, or the need to ‘put up a fight.’

If your feelings are severe, are interfering with your activities of daily life, and last longer that three months, you may have an anxiety disorder.


Everyone Experiences Anxiety Differently 

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed, not being able to calm your thoughts, feeling like your entire life has been taken over —but you’re not exactly sure why or by what.

People just seem to irritate you, you may find yourself often angered or agitated

You find yourself crying, sometimes uncontrollably

Feeling restless, often unable to sit still, like you’re just ‘on edge’ a lot of the time

Unable to sleep, or even sleeping too much to avoid ‘life’

You worry a lot and can rarely seem to find a solution to resolve your worries

There are times when you notice yourself breathing rapidly, and your rapid breathing may include  chest pains

Because you often feel overwhelmed, you have difficulty concentrating or staying focused

You may even avoid social situations because the increase in environmental stimulation only makes your feelings worse

Everyone experiences anxiety differently. There is no common ‘look’ to it.. We will talk about the symptoms you are experiencing, determine if it is anxiety, and them come up with a plan to get you to feeling and functioning better. The feelings can be extremely debilitating, but do not have to be. Let’s make it better.


Helping You To Overcome The Pain

Is your life being adversely affected by feelings of anxiety? Let’s talk…