My Dad Prompted Me To “Do Something Everyday That Scares You” — Challenge Accepted!

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I remember the day my Dad gave me this book. I went to visit with him for a talk because I was feeling scared, confused, hurt, unsure about which direction to take to resolve a situation. He has always been even-keeled and calm, even in the face of a storm.

He told me about his ride in the sky, just before arriving in Vietnam to fight in the war. Next to him was an Army Officer who was headed back for a second round. The brass asked him, are you gonna get out of here alive? Are you coming back home? And my Dad told him, “I don’t know, I hope so.” The Officer said, well this big bird will be touching down in about 20-minutes, so you’ve got about 20 minutes to KNOW if you’re going to return home alive.” My Dad, likely in his nonchalant manner said, “okay.” He decided at that moment that he would face going to war in such a way that he would surely return home alive. Facing his fear head-on as a challenge to overcome, and not be afraid.

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Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

The next day when I saw my Dad, he gave me this book. After hearing him remember that moment on the flight into Vietnam, I knew what the book was meant to help me do. Not freeze. Not stay stuck. Not stay paralyzed by confusion and fear, but instead, face what I feared head on. That is how I would conquer it.

You may get a lot out of journaling, consistently putting your thoughts on paper, which is why I am sharing these books with you. I am not a journaler; meaning I just don’t get thrills The Greater The Risk The Sweeter The Fruitfrom committing to writing down my thoughts every day. Which is why this book is awesome! It is compromised if prompts, giving you a synopsis to think about as you answer questions related to facing challenges. You don’t ‘have to’ write in it every day. You don’t have to write in it at a really. I find that the prompts are great for simply coming up with the answers in your head. This is a great book for your nightstand, to give you something to think about just before you go to sleep. Sitting there to review and contemplate whenever you feel like it, when the moment hits you, or when you’re ‘going through.’

Happy Book

Don’t Like To Journal To Help You Change? Use Journal Prompts

Robie Rogge and Dian Smith also have journal prompt books about being happy and finding calm. These too can be used by you to induce a change you are wanting to make.

For me, “Do Something Every Day That Scares You” is a favorite because it came with my Dad’s message of how he was

Inspire Bookable to conquer a fear that most of us could never comprehend overcoming. I’ve seen how he has thrived after that experience, so when I lift up this book to read and reflect, I also lift his strength with it. That makes my answers to the questions within it not only a commitment to myself but a commitment to honoring the challenge my father overcame. If he could do THAT!, surely I can do THIS.

…and so can you.





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