Mental Health Care Must Include Collaborative Care

We mistake mental health as being something separate from our body. However, mental health is almost always related to overall physical health, or vice versa. — mental health can be affecting your physical health. Thorough psychotherapy requires the practicing of mental health collaborative care. How comforting to have providers willing to work together, figuring out the best plan to get you to a point of feeling and functioning better. Ongoing communication and progress updates, putting expert minds together is powerful — and a system of service excellence. 



Could It Be Depression or Anemia???

For example, ANXIETY can affect your heart rate, blood pressure, cause migraines, and more. On the other side of this integrated approach to understanding your mental health symptoms, we know that high blood pressure can cause irritability, heart arrhythmia can cause symptoms of anxiety, anemia can cause tiredness that looks like symptoms of DEPRESSION. So it is ideal, and usually necessary, to work with your Primary Care Provider to find out all that is going on.


What’s Really Wrong with Me?

Collaborative care helps in figuring out which came first, the chicken or the egg. It requires a mental health practitioner who knows what to look for and who understands how critical it is to rule out underline physical health causes. Physical health causes must be ruled out before making a determination of a primary mental health condition.




I begin by working with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or General Practitioner (GP). ONLY WITH YOUR WRITTEN & SIGNED PERMISSION, I will work together with your key healthcare providers by:

Sending an initial Letter explaining my role and what we hope to work together to  accomplish

Sending periodic written updates about your progress, only as needed

Monitoring changes in how you are feeling and thinking, and communicating this information with your key care providers.

Informing your prescribing provider, if you have mental health medications, about how medications seem to be helping/affecting your mental health

Once I have YOUR WRITTEN & SIGNED PERMISSION, I then communicate only basic information via HIPAA secure email or HIPAA secure fax; whichever your key healthcare provider prefers. All communications are maintained in your document records, within your personal secure client portal.

Do you have any questions about how I conduct mental health collaborative care on your behalf? Just ask! CONTACT ME HERE