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Welcome! to TherapyStudio.Live with Elana Dunn, LPC. Your online counseling private practice. It’s now easier for you to get the help you seek. Confidential, secure, convenient, accessible, and comfortable — a real psychotherapy private practice without the added stress of an excursion to my therapy office. I like calling it my “Studio.” The Studio office is always right in the palm of your hand.

My Online Private Practice Includes:

Live-Video Sessions

 Text-Messaging Sessions

Telephone Sessions




Being an online counseling service does not mean that I short-cut the important aspects of brick-and-mortar psychotherapy practice. Nope. I take the time to get to know all about you. I conduct a thorough assessment of all that you are feeling challenged with, as well as your likes and dislikes, your interests, joys of life — because YOU are not just what pains you. You are a beautifully unique person, and I include ALL of what makes you-YOU in our work together. I provide a real psychotherapy private practice within the palms of your hands.


The UNIQUE Benefits of Online Counseling

My online practice, TherapyStudio.Live, is a Telemental Health service bringing the real, and lasting benefits of counseling right to you. Providing you with the benefits of change that therapy provides, without the added stress of having to block out large chunks of time each week for traveling, session time, then more traveling to get home. Therapy is definitely worth the time, but the logistics of getting there do not have to add extra stress to your day. There is no need to add stress by having to fight through traffic, schedule a babysitter, worry about how to see your Counselor before picking your kid from daycare before closing time. There is no need to lose time at work each week to attend your therapy sessions. We can meet in the location of your choosing; because live-video is available to you on your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen right where you are.

There’s no difference in how the sessions are conducted in the studio, except for not being able to physically shake hands :-). PLUS, Being able to see you in your natural environment is also especially helpful to me as your therapist. It lets me know so much about you, which helps me us to better help you. A therapist’s office is ‘fixed up’ to make therapy sessions a comfortable and safe place…and you still have that when you “see” me on the screen. But, I also have the humble luxury of seeing you in YOUR space, which makes my work with you richer. There are times when I may even ask, “hey take me on a tour, I wanna see the craft room you keep telling me about, or the kitchen you love to cook in. It’s an important window I have into YOUR world versus it being a one-sided ’view’ of the therapist’s world. I get to learn so many valuable things about you. Which helps me to better help you.


So Many Tools for You To Use

The tools used by me, in TherapyStudio.Live for online counseling, are confidential, secure, convenient, and wonderfully accessible. In the Studio, you’ll find the ease of access to be refreshing.

Also Available to You Are:

• Free Educational Videos – to learn about overcoming challenges

The Studio Store – where you can purchase swag to keep you motivated and uplifted throughout your day — *Coming Soon – Keep Checking The Site for Updates

Lessons for Life – classes with in-depth information, practical self-help exercises, and tools you can always use — *Coming Soon – Keep Checking The Site for Updates

Book Shelf Picks – for those of us who sometimes just need read pages to turn as we learn how to grow — *Coming Soon – Keep Checking The Site for Updates


Practice Administration Is Clean and Green

I have made the administrative aspects of therapy seamless. All documents can be viewed and signed online; no paper to print and bring in-hand for your visit (well…because it’s all done online) — keeping things clean and green. You have various ways to communicate with me outside of therapy sessions. The secure messaging service I use is available 24/7. You can schedule appointments right within your unique secure portal. All your documents are available to you on the fly within the portal, no need to wait-wait-wait trying chase ‘down the paperwork you need. Yep, it’s all right there within your HIPAA secure client portal. I am also available via secure text messaging.