I didn’t even need to read Michelle Obama’s book, because my Mom told me all about it…

About Michelle Obama Becoming BookMy Mom Told Me All About Becoming

My Mother is a master storyteller. She’s not becoming one, she IZ one. Like expert professional level — seriously. I suppose 42 years as a primary school Educator has helped, but for her, it’s truly a gift. She has been told this 1,000 times.


Mother – Daughter Kitchen Table Talks

So I’m at her house and I see a hard copy of Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” on her kitchen breakfast table; where my Mom sits to drink coffee and watch the morning’s gossip on CNN. I was like “Oh—you got the book?!” “Yep.,” she said, “and I already finished it. It was THAT good.” She told me many of the stories within Michelle’s book that resonated with her. But the one that stuck with me is Michelle talking about how well she and Barack balance each other in many ways.


His Cool Balances Her Fire

She is firey, while he is cool, calm, and collective. According to my Mother the storyteller, apparently, Michelle sometimes cusses and yells when the girls act up (she IZ from southside Chicago ya know). Barack might give her a minute and then intervene to calm the situation down and be the voice of reason to get the desired result from the girls. Which Michelle really loves and appreciates about him.


Mom - Online Counseling -Elana DunnMom The Storyteller

This particular part of the book, shared by my Mom, resonated with me because I thought about the relationship challenges that so many have. I also thought about how we view relationships looking from the outside in and make all sorts of assumptions. Michelle and Barack seem to have embraced their differences; differences that likely make each of them better in some way. The way my Mother told this particular story from the book, I gathered that Michelle is aware of her fiery side, so is Barack, and he loves her for it. He also understands that she loves how he can calm her fire; recognizing when she welcomes him intervening.


#IamBecoming - Michelle ObamaFinding Balance

As I attentively listened to my Mother tell me the many stories she ingested from the book, I felt the melody of a relationship with so much balance. It is the balance Michelle shares all throughout “Becoming” that makes her story, their story, beautiful. The two people who we’ve only known from the outside in, give us hope. Michelle shares will always continue to change as she learns new things about love and life. That she is always Becoming. #IamBecoming


Who Are You Becoming?

As long as we are living we are always changing. Even as a Counselor, I am always becoming different. Through age, circumstances beyond my control, circumstances of choice — #IamBecoming and adjust as change happens. because change is inevitable, just like the seasons. I enjoy being a vessel for people who are changing. Through online counseling, I am given the privilege to see you change and grow. Sometimes, you may know that change is upon you, but do not know exactly how to handle it, and that is where I come in—to help you work through it. I’m here to help you balance the change. I hope that these words I’ve shared compel you to ask — who are you becoming?



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