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The FREE Consultation

Woman Laptop Counseling Consultation

The 20-minute consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know a bit about each other. Therapy is a health care service, but one thing that makes it unique is that a therapeutic relationship is formed. During your consultation, we’ll have a conversation to find out what it is you are having challenges with, what you hope to accomplish, and your unique needs. You have a non-obligatory opportunity to decide if online counseling with me is right for you. 





It’s Easy To Prepare for Your Initial 20-Minute FREE Consultation. To Start, You Simply:

Click the button above or below on this screen, and you’ll be taken to the online scheduler

Choose the time that works best for you, when you will be in an uninterrupted, private location

During the scheduling process, you’ll provide some basic demographic information about yourself

Read and Acknowledge the consultation Statement of Understanding

Answer a few open-ended questions about yourself and what you are feeling challenged with

Then, you’ll receive confirmation that your consultation has been scheduled

 — SIMPLE! —


During Your 20-Minute FREE Consultation, We Will:

Review your responses to the open-ended questions

Determine what you hope to accomplish in therapy

Review information about how therapy will be designed unique to you (therapy is not cookie-cutter. it is individualized to your needs)

Decide if the working counseling relationship with me will be a good fit for you (do we click? Do we gel well?)

Decide to move forward with the work of getting you to feeling and functioning better.

Then, we’ll discuss the next steps to get you ready (documentation you’ll complete) and then schedule your initial counseling session


THAT’S IT! Ready for Your FREE Consultation?