Tele-Supervision Fees

Not only do I believe in the group supervision approach as the best approach for clinician growth and development, but the group supervision format also saves you money. Fees for individual supervision in the Atlanta metro area average about $120 per supervision session. Some charge more, some charge less.

The tele-supervision group format is much more cost effective. 

Group Tele-Supervision (Max = 4) Weekly $65 per person 1 hour 15 minutes
Composite Board allows up to 6 supervisees in a group supervision session. My max group size is 4. There are some weeks in which supervision is not held. ‘Weekly’ allows for breaks during holidays, natural disaster internet service outages, Supervisor sickness or vacation. Your advance notice absences.  Allows for up to 4 participants to have TIME, and to accommodate for adding up 30 hours needed per year

Tele-supervision contract rates with agencies and private practices are negotiated upon request.


Documentation / Form Completion

Clinical Supervision Attestation forms required by your employer/ contract company are included as a part of your group supervision fee. Completion of licensure application forms is also included.

Any forms outside of those required as a normal course of the licensure supervision process are not included as a part of your weekly fee.

Form Completion $25 for the 1st page $10 for each additional page (this does not apply to forms required for the normal course of licensure supervision)
Letter Writing $50 for up to two pages


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