Areas of Competency in Counselor Supervision

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Georgia Composite Board Requirements

Human Growth & Development

Multicultural Counseling / Diversity Training

Counseling Techniques / Skills

Group Dynamics & Group Counseling / Psychotherapy

Lifestyle & Career Development

Appraisal / Assessment of Individuals

Research Methods & Evaluation

Professional Orientation & Ethics



A Glimpse At Discussion Topics

The counselor tele-supervision groups entail many-many topics. The topics are tied to the areas of competency as defined by the Composite Board. Some of the topics we will discuss include, but are not limited to:

Recognizing Counselor Bias

Addressing Client Cultural Needs

Reviewing Legal cases involving Ethics Violations

Reviewing Legal Cases involving HIPAA violations

Identifying Interventions within Your Chosen Theoretical Framework

Recognizing Countertransference

Therapeutic Personal Disclosure Use and Ethics

Critical-Thinking In Diagnosing

Supervisee Cognition and Best Work Settings

Motivational Interviewing

Person-Centered Care and Treatment Planning

Embracing Supervisee Strengths and Challenge Areas

Difference Between Process and Psychoeducation Groups

Personal and Professional Balance

Identifying Overt and Covert Psychosis

Reflective Listening Skills and Techniques

…and more

…and more

…and more


Heavy-Weight Topics

Throughout Your Time In Supervision

• Diagnostic Criteria for Specific Diagnoses

Reducing Risk

Managing Risk

Crisis Management

Facing and Managing Personal Bias

Professional Identity

Practicing Counselor Self-Care

Differences within Types of Mental Health Work Environments

Clinical and Professional Documentation



For Supervisees who have been with Elana and TherapyStudio.Live for at least 1 year, and are within 6 months of LPC licensure eligibility, you can choose to learn the following topic areas








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