Frequently Asked Questions

If you find, after reading through the FAQs, that you still have a question, feel free to  CONTACT US.

I am licensed in the State of Georgia and are able to provide services to clients outside of Georgia. Some States have restrictions on who can service their legal residents. For example, in California, only therapists who are licensed in California and physically located in California can provide therapy to California residents. Additionally, the client must be physically present in the State of California when receiving therapy services. Some other States have varying limitations regarding out-of-state Therapists providing psychotherapy to their residents.

I follow regulations of the Georgia State Composite Board and the State/jurisdiction of the client being served.

I can not provide services to residents of the following U.S. States: AK, AR, CA, CT, DC, ID, LA, MA, MS, MT, NH, NM, NY, ND, OH, VA, WI, 

Services are provided in all other States in the USA, USA expats living abroad, and residents of other English speaking Countries.

If you have questions about me being able to provide services to you in your location, please Contact Me.

Before your first counseling session starts, once you have completed your Consent for Services and become a client, you will be provided with instructions on what to do if you ever feel that you are in crisis. You will also provide details for two verifiable emergency contact people who you trust to provide additional assistance to you when you are in crisis (we only contact them if all other options have been exhausted and it is absolutely necessary).

TherapyStudio.Live is not a crisis counseling service. If you are not a current client and are in crisis please contact your local Crisis Resources.

Absolutely. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are valuable for people with many types of mental health disorders. The comfort an emotional support animal provides can be an integral part of your feeling and functioning better. Clients who have been in counseling with TherapyStudio.Live for at least 45 days (a minimum of 6 live-video sessions), can request an Emotional Support Animal letter. It is a legally reviewed letter that meets all required DOT and HUD criteria.

Your 20-minute FREE consultation is an opportunity for you to 'get a feel' for me and how live-video counseling works. You can assess my personality, tone, listening ear, understanding, compassion, the types of questions being asked of you, and more. Therapy is a relationship; a therapeutic relationship. Being able to 'connect' with me as your Counselor is essential.

Before the start of your FREE consultation, you will be provided with a few questions to answer in preparation for your session. I will then use your responses to help move forward with the consultation.

Learn more about your FREE 20-minute initial consultation or SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW.

I do not accept health insurance as a direct payment for service fees. I will provide you with a SuperBill, which can be submitted, by you, to your health insurance company in an effort for you to be personally reimbursed. I will assist you with all documents your insurance company will need  Go to BILLING for more information.

Yes--absolutely. In between your regularly scheduled live-video sessions, you may need a few minutes of assistance through a challenge you are having. We can schedule a live synchronous text-chat session or telephone call session to help you through.

You can increase the effectiveness of your progress during your time in counseling by being fully and actively involved in the process. The work you do outside of your counseling sessions is just as important as the time you spend in session. A few actions that help to make counseling more effective are:

  • Being on time for your scheduled sessions and not missing any of your scheduled sessions. Being consistent is a critical part of the counseling process.
  • Between sessions, make sure you are completing any homework; such as taking certain actions, writing things down, or thinking about questions you have been presented with. Again, the work you do outside of your sessions is just as critical as the work you do during your session.
  • Be open and honest with me. Therapy is built on trust. You can trust me, and I  trust you.

Counseling for relationship challenges is only provided to individuals. Often, individuals will have dynamics within a relationship causing stress, depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, frustration. You may even be contemplating whether or not to stay in the relationship or how to change the dynamics between you and a family member. I can help you, as an individual, in how to move forward to a place of feeling and functioning better. Learn More»

Trust is EVERYTHING. I subscribe to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which direct and require counselors to protect the confidentiality of communications with clients. State licensure laws also protect client confidentiality. As a psychotherapy client of mine, you have a promise and guarantee of confidentiality within the boundaries of the client/counselor relationship. Any disclosure will be made only with your full written and signed, informed consent to release information and will be limited to a stated period of time. The law in the State of Georgia provides the following exceptions to confidentiality, but even in these circumstances you will be informed before confidential information is released when at all possible:

  • If I have knowledge of abuse of a child, elderly person, or a person with a disability.
  • If I have knowledge of your intent to harm yourself or another person(s).

I do not provide records requested through subpoena or court order without your written permission, as per GA Code § 24-5-501 (2014) communication between client and psychotherapists licensed in the State of Georgia is privileged information. This may not apply to clients located outside of Georgia, but I value your trust. Therefore, for all clients, information you share in therapy will be protected to the greatest possible legal extent.

You may have already been advised by your PCP/GP to seek counseling due to physiological symptoms. At the beginning of services, as you are preparing for your initial session, you will be asked to provide the contact information for your PCP/GP. With a signed Release of Information from you, I will inform your PCP/GP that you are participating in counseling services. You can decline this courtesy service. However, depending on your presenting challenges, I may not be able to continue to assist you without coordination of care with your PCP/GP. if this is the case, you will be informed, and we will review your options.

Psychotherapy is a process. During your first few sessions, we will work together to identify goals you would like to reach. Don't worry; you may not know this at first. We will work together to figure it out.

The process can take just a few months or a few years; each person and their unique presenting circumstances require different therapeutic needs. It usually takes a few sessions to begin feeling the benefits of therapy and experience real progress.  Your progress can take longer if you are not consistent with attending sessions, change therapists, take a long break and then return to therapy, or are lax in doing the therapeutic 'work' outside of your counseling sessions. 

Throughout your time in therapy, you will have the opportunity to provide your own perception of your progress. This allows you and me both to assess how much you have improved and if you feel like you have met the goals identified at the beginning of counseling. Also consider that as the initial problems are resolved, this may trigger new issues that you want to resolve.

Along with your feedback, also please consider the feedback about your progress from me. A clear and focused discussion about terminating counseling is always useful and highly advised. The decision to begin and end therapy, and the choice of the counselor you select, is always yours alone. You have the right to choose.

Fees are based on the service provided and the length of time for each session. I also have additional services available, such as writing letters, completion of medical forms, and more. Review BILLING to LEARN MORE»