Even When You’re Afraid, Face The Fear and Do It Anyway

Fear keeping you from itFace The Fear

Is Fear keeping you from it? You may know that a change is needed in order for you to be in a better place; a better space. But fear is keeping you from it.


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On The Road To Change, Sometimes Things May Feel Worse Before They Feel Better

Even if your current circumstances are causing you pain, heartache, physical sickness (due to weak immunity), anxiety, sleep disturbance, fatigue —— you still stay there. Just thinking about getting out of the situation may bring up a vision of being in an even more painful circumstance. a vision of the unknown. When you picture yourself leaving the relationship, quitting the job with abusive coworkers, a young adult leaving your parents’ home, starting that business you dream of —— fear of the unknown can cripple you. At least, you know the current pain and have learned to exist in it.


Dima Ghawi Decided to Break The Glass Vase, And Face Her Fear

I was watching this GoalCast presented by Dima Ghawi, telling her incredible story of facing a fear and the looming consequences she knew would be upon her. But she took action anyway. Even now, many years later, she faces her fear and continues on in spite of. How does a person go on knowing that their own father is trying to kill them because of a decision? Dima tells us how, and if you look around the web at all that she has done and continues to do, you will see a woman who has faced fear with determination and conviction.

The pain of the unknown may seem far worse, but how will you know unless you take the steps in that direction, push through it, and get to where you would rather be? The answer is —— you won’t know. You won’t know what being unstuck finally feels like or feeling free, feeling peaceful and joyful most of your days. You won’t know unless you make the decision to face your fear, and do it anyway.


No One Said It Would Be Easy

No one said it will be easy. There will be times when you feel weak and want to revert back. There will be times that learning a new way is so tough that you feel like quitting. Focus on the reason that you decided to face your fear. The vision of a better, more fulfilling life. Take steps, one day at a time, towards what your vision. Know that with each step, eventually, you will get there.

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