Life can bring challenges that at times feel like just too much to sort through or overcome on your own.  It brings great fulfillment to me to be a part of helping you to move beyond pain – beyond overwhelming stress – beyond not knowing -– beyond feeling confused.


Helping You Feel & Function Better

Walking WITH you through the tunnel, all the way to the other side, I learned long ago, that helping people ‘change’ is what I was called to do. I am humbled to be able to help you.

Over the past 22 years, my devotion has never wavered. Helping you to gain peace, direction, feeling whole, safe and secure, and gaining a life anew fuels my professional intentions. My sweet late grandmother told me, “leave the world better than how you found it,” and with each person I serve, that is my quest.

As I work with individuals, each person is wonderfully unique and requires your own unique approach. Working from the frameworks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Solution-Focused Therapy, I create a therapeutic plan that is right for YOU. 


My Therapeutic Style

Clients over the years have described me as “you keep it real,” warmhonesttrustworthygenuinetransparenthumorous, a teacher, and able to quickly move them forward. I am a mother, daughter, and sister. I’m also an Introvert, and if you don’t know what this really means, let me warn you now that is does not mean I am shy  😀 — I’m quite the opposite of shy. I enjoy alone time, as it is peaceful, introspective, and allows me to rejuvenate to be the best I can be when working with you.


During our live-video virtual sessions, I tend to share my own experiences that relate to what you are dealing with (it’s called ‘therapeutic personal disclosure‘). This seems to really help clients know that I can relate from the inside, and I’m not just spouting out stuff from a textbook. Having lived a full life thus far, I have lots of experience, stories, that you may be able to relate to. 

Elana Dunn


These Are Few of My Favorite Things Own It Quote Elana Dunn

  • My favorite color is eggplant purple
  • I love COOKIES!
  • I’m currently building a tiny house to live in (…and hope to be done very soon  😉 )
  • My iPhone playlists are mostly Neo-Soul music. I enjoy the chill-back soulful vibe
  • I love COLOR (as evidenced by this website  😎 )
  • I’m a Military Brat and moved around my entire time growing up. I’ve lived in Germany twice and nine different States.
  • Being on social media is one of my favorite pass-times, and you’ll see lots of content coming through as a result
  • I most enjoy working with clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship struggles. I also have a passion for people dealing with psychosis (such as types of Schizophrenia or Severe Bipolar Disorder), but I don’t the latter type of work online. 
  • Late night weekend fun for me is Netflix and tinkering around on my MacBook Air! 



..and Here Are Some Other Things You Might Find Interesting

Elana Dunn

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia
  • International Society of Mental Health Online
  • Girl Scouts of Northwest Georgia – Alumni Member 
  • Delta Sigma Thera Sorority, Incorporated
  • Breast Cancer Survivor since 2014 (that’s sort of like a kind of club)
  • Be My Eyes – Volunteer


Licenses & Certifications

LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor (Georgia – LPC003650) – 2002

CPCS – Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor – (LPCGA – CPCS569) – 2014



Auburn University at Montgomery – Bachelor of Arts (Human Communication) – 1994

Montana State University-Northern – Master of Education (Counseling & Development) – 1999

University of the Rockies – (currently in 2nd year towards PhD)