Online Counseling Billing FeesPAYING FOR SERVICES

I provide support to you in acquiring reimbursement directly to you from your insurance company. I do not provide direct insurance claim billing. Fees are paid at the time services are rendered. 

The documents you will need are contained within your secure client portal once you become an active client with me. The documents you will need for payment reimbursement are formatted to include information you will need to submit to your insurance company when seeking reimbursement directly to you. If you need any additional service/billing information your insurance company may require, I am happy to assist. 


Out-of-Pocket / Out-of-Network Billing

Services rendered by me are considered out-of-network for the purpose of insurance reimbursement being made directly to you. I offer several options to pay for online counseling services. You can:

    • Pay online at the time services are rendered with a credit and or debit card kept on file
    • Use an HSA card or flex spending card kept on file (which is set up as a VISA/MasterCard)
    • Use prepaid services that have been gifted to you



I am available for a lot of different types of services. Most of your counseling sessions will be a 55-minute Live-Video session. However, to get you to feeling and functioning better in the most effective way possible, you may benefit from other support in between your regularly scheduled Live-Video Sessions. Services fees are based on the type (video-text-phone) and the length of time.
The two most common services you will receive are:
$150 Initial / First Live-Video Session
$120 Live-Video Session


Invoices & Superbills

I provide you with a ‘Superbill’ and/or Invoice for fees paid, after services have been rendered.

A Superbill is similar to an invoice. The primary difference is that a Superbill includes a Procedure Code, a formal Diagnosis Code, Session Date(s). and Service Location. This is information your insurance carrier will need when submitting a claim for personal reimbursement. 

I do suggest calling your insurance company in advance to inquire about coverage for the service you are seeking. I can not guarantee insurance reimbursement. 


Try Easy Fee Reimbursements  

Better App for Insurance Reimbursement

Better is a service, through a mobile app, that assists clients who pay services fees out-of-pocket, with getting reimbursement from your insurance carrier. All you have to do is download the app and register. Then after each visit, just submit the Superbill I provide to you through the Better mobile app. Better works with you to get you personally reimbursed!